Meet the Casual Cats

The Casual Cats fun, laid-back atmosphere is enhanced by two real-life “casual cats”, Romeo and Tybalt (Tybbs for short)- two rescue cats that were adopted by the Casual Cat through Kitty Angels, a no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats.

For more information on Kitty Angels and to see the the cats they have available for adoption, please visit their website, Kitty Angels.


My name is Tybalt (Tybbs for short) and I’m the adventurous kitty between me and my brother. I may also have been accused of being the trouble maker between the two of us. I’ll usually run right up to you as soon as you walk in the door-but good luck getting me to stand still long enough to give me a pet! I’m always on the move and really like being up high. Sometimes I can be found lounging above all the frame choices and if you pick me up I’ll probably try climbing up onto your shoulder. It lets me be up high and close to you at the same time.

And I’m Romeo. Everyone says I’m a love bug and I guess it’s true because I love being held. My calm, loving nature makes me the perfect kitty to help entertain some of the younger customers that come in to our store. If you see a kitty sitting in the window as you drive by-it’s probably me because I love to sit and nap in the sunshine.





See some our best antics below! Or you can come see us at the store. We’re there everyday.


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