The shapes of Tony Holman’s vessels are functional but can simply be decorative. He covers a wide range of colors and pattern through brushwork and sponged on design. Close attention is paid to the finished touches of this pottery including the way the handles are attached and Tony’s unique way of completing the lids and rims. Because Holman Pottery is hand crafted, no two are exactly alike. Therefore, the variations of color, texture and shape lend to the artistic nature of this pottery and should by no means be considered defective.

Holman Pottery is sold and collected both nationally and internationally in specialty gift stores, museum stores, and galleries.

Holman 1 Holman 2 Holman 3

Holman 4

holman display 1

Holman display 2

Additional styles or colors may be available for any of our unique gifts. Stop in to ask about special orders.

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