White Gate Glass

Inspired by New Hampshire country life, each image has been hand painted by local artisans. No two are exactly alike.


Lotton Glass Studio

David Lotton’s creations are treasured by art glass collectors throughout the nation. His work is on display at many fine galleries and museums including the Corning Museum, the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, the Newark Museum and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

 iris lily perfume 

Glass Eye Studio

Glass Eye Studio was founded on the belief that talented glass artists should have a safe and secure environment where their skills and creativity are fully appreciated. Using a variety of materials, skilled artists hand make each ornament using ancient techniques.

aqua-beach-globe  rainbow-witches-ballblue-witches-ball blue-beach-globe

Isola Glass

“My work is inspired by mid-century Italian glass design, using simple but subtle functional forms with little or no ornamentation. The vessels are highly patterned, using traditional Italian cane techniques to create a vibrant interplay-a virtual plaid- of transparent colors. Although perfectly functional, most of the work is designed to stand by itself as a modern accent piece in the decor of a room.”-Scott Benefield



Additional styles or colors may be available for any of our unique gifts. Stop in to ask about special orders.

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